We are Open.

What is Open?

We want to bring people together through a unifying experience. Open uses a series of exercises to create a sense of togetherness and overcome unfamiliarity. Open can be used for a variety of situations ranging from team building in the office to getting to know your new dorm mates.

Active Sight

Are you a pair of people or a group? If you’re a group then pair up. For an unspecified amount of time, the pair(s) will be gazing into each other’s eyes without speaking. You may blink, it’s not a staring contest, and you can of course laugh. Your phones will buzz when the time is up!

Positive Reinforcement

Stay in your pair(s). One person is going to actively listen to the other saying any fact about himself or herself, or something that happened to them. The active listener is then going to give positive reinforcement about the statement. Swap roles after that.

A “Sudden” Story

All the pairs come back together if in a group setting. Open will give you a single sentence ending in “Suddenly”. One person at a time adds to the story with one sentence ending in “Suddenly”. Continue around the group until the time is up. The story will keep getting crazier as it goes around.

Countless other exercises!

How Does it Work?

Simply open the app, place a time limit for the exercises, and select if you are inside or on the go. From there Open will randomly select an exercise and give your group instructions on the exercise. 


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